Book 5 in the West Brothers series. Have you got the courage to speak up?

"Wow! Theresa Linden is one my favorite authors and her West Brothers series of books is absolutely incredible. This is one of the most powerful and impactful books for teens regarding morals that I’ve ever read. Roland West, Outcast is about how to accept and love people who are living in a way that goes against your beliefs. In our society, certain lifestyles that are in contrast to biblical teaching have become widely accepted. This book tackles this topic in a beautiful, faithful way.

There are so many incredible truths in this novel that everyone should hear and be reminded of – especially teens. In this world where we are told to accept everyone and everyone’s beliefs it’s so refreshing to have a book that addresses this from a scriptural perspective. We can be kind and caring but still stand by our beliefs and the church’s teachings, which do not change just because the world wants it to. The church is here to change the world not be changed by the world. People are so afraid of offending someone that we don’t share the message that needs to be heard. When you truly care for someone as a friend the truth and the fate of their soul is more important than if you offend them. By having the courage to speak the truth you can lead people to Christ and to understand the Catholic church and its teachings, which come directly from Christ through Peter and the popes.”

~ Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning The Perfect Blindside