The Anvil--Robert's Anvil is supposed to help forge his future, but what kind of future can he have without a wife?

Blacksmith, Robert McCray built a home for his precious Lillian in the frontier of Northwestern Pennsylvania at the turn of the 19th century. However, when he returned to marry her, she was already involved with another man. Disillusioned and hurt, Robert allows the Campbell family to use his cabin while he licks his wounds.

Everyone in the McCray family believes that the Campbell's eldest daughter, Judith, would be a perfect match for Robert, but Robert believes that Judith is too plain and not feminine enough for him. However, pangs of jealousy tells him that perhaps Judith isn't too plain after all, but Judith seems to have found her true love in Robert's brother James and Robert refuses to come between them. The frontier has too few women who are not his kin. Will Robert ever find his match?