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Murder, mystery, and suspense create an exciting journey into the world of power and corruption.

Macy Merit uncovers evidence that points to the murder of a senator's husband. While working diligently to find the killer, she stumbles upon a plot to develop a biological weapon to be used against civilians, not by a terrorist group, but by high-level officials within our own government. As the clues unfold, and the body count rises, Macy discovers the connection between the biological experiments, and a plan that takes her direct to the White House.

About the author:

Dale Crotts was born in High Point, North Carolina and grew up in Randolph County. Aer attending Randleman High School, he went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree in business
administration from High Point College. Later he obtained a MBA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In the mid-nineties his career took him to the Midwest, where he traveled extensively throughout the region. Many of the characters and setting in his writing come from his travels. He currently resides in North Carolina.