Dear Reader: Making Raisins Dance is based on my experiences teaching at an "at-risk" junior high school in Los Angeles, California. The Dancing Raisins experiment was the turning point of my short career teaching Science and Math to students that were Limited English Proficient, known as LEP students, and English as a Second Language, known as ESL students. All events are true to the best of my knowledge and memory. That said, I consider this a work of fiction. I have changed the names of all locations, including the name of the junior high school. In addition, all characters are fictionalized by changing names or composites of students I taught. It is my hope that I made a difference in those young lives by giving them visual examples of Math and Science through classroom experiments, and perhaps sparking their interest to pursue careers in those fields.


About the Author In Glendale High School, Sylvia fell in love with Chemistry. She wanted to be like Madame Curie, working in a laboratory. She went on to Glendale College, majoring in Chemistry. In 1966, she applied at a laboratory as a lab assistant, but they were not hiring women. Ten years later, she enrolled in California State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business. She applied to CPA firms, but they were not hiring married women with children. After ten years working as an accountant, Sylvia went back to California State University. She earned a Teaching Credential in Secondary Education, teaching in Los Angeles for only one year.