Loss is difficult . . . and inevitable. What do we do? What do we say? This book offers answers and approaches.


"How does a heart survive such sorrow? Not without doubt. Not without feelings of hopelessness and despair. A heart survives by expanding around the grief. People don’t “get over it.” Healing means integrating loss into the mind and finding a new way of being in the world. The loss remains an unshakable memory, forever housed inside us. Yet, as we take timid steps, our hearts begin to grow outward beyond the space inhabited by the sadness. New experiences, new connections, new opportunities for joy widen our capacity for happiness. “Moving on” means honoring our grief and bravely opening ourselves to what’s to come. 

Doulas can help prepare a client’s loved ones for this process by illuminating their natural coping strategies that are already established. We can inquire: Tell me about a difficulty you navigated in your life. How did you deal with it? What helped you feel strong?" (p. 46)