Short story anthology of Catholic teen fiction endorsed by Mark Hart of Life Teen International

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It is a fantastic, faith-filled anthology with stories in a variety of genres so that any Catholic teen is sure to enjoy it.

Mark Hart of Life Teen International wrote the foreword.

"I can honestly say that I wish I'd had this book when I became a teenager. I wish I'd have had talented writers (as you'll read herein) who cared enough about their faith and worked hard enough at their craft that they wanted to put their gifts and talents 'at the service of the Lord' (1 Peter 4:10)....The stories are unique and well-crafted, capturing both mind and heart. Each story reveals something different about the human heart and our constant (though often veiled) desire for truth and virtue. You'll find yourself connected to and invested in the charcters. With every turn of the page, the Holy Spirit will draw you more deeply into the love and mercy of God."