Alice Rost, spiritual seeker, teacher and devoted disciple, shares with other seekers her spiritual journey.


Some years ago, an acquaintance asked me to explain spirituality to her. She said she kept hearing the word but didn't understand what it meant. I wish I'd had Alice's book to give her. Awakening to God answers that request and offers much, much more. And even better, it shares the rich journey of a smart, thoughtful, and sincere woman. Nothing meets us where we are better than a trusted friend's personal story. Alice is such a friend. Read her story with confidence. Her insights and discoveries will inform and inspire you on your personal journey to greater wholeness and spiritual confidence. 

Nancy Burnett, PhD
InterSpiritual Direction & Pastoral Counseling

Awakening to God is a stimulating and valuable book. The author explores how she opened to a much greater spiritual vision for herself and her life. She does this in an accessible, wonderfully transparent, grounded way, with humor and engaging stories. The book offers a treasure of skillful means so others can broaden and deepen their spiritual explorations.

Nicolee McMahon