LAR #22



Winner of Flash Fiction: Sabrina Li, “Splinters in My Mouth”

Winner of Poetry: Samantha Niedzielski, “Temescal Wash & Dry”

Winner of Nonfiction: Anne Royan, “One Story, Seven Times”

Winer of Short Fiction: Ashley Farmer, “Parting Shot”


Winner of Poetry: Samuel Ace, “I finally made it through the birds the birds”

Winner of Flash Fiction: Debra A. Daniel, “And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon”

Winer of Short Fiction: Joseph Hernandez, “The Christening of the Fruit”

Winner of Nonfiction: Renee Branum, “Certainty”


Heather Bartlett * Mark Cassidy * Debra Daniel * Sonia Feigelson * Joseph Hernandez * Ilya Laybovich * Zach Weber


Anders Carlson-Wee * Kai Carlson-Wee * Victoria Chang * Leila Chattl * Steven Cordova * Kendra DeColo * Chelsea Dingman * Jehanne Dubrow * Kathy Fagan * Katie Ford * Gina Franco * Sonia Greenfield * Catherine Pierce * Jehanne Dubrow * Kathy Fagan * Margaret Mackinnon * Susannah Nevison * Carol Potter * Wesley Rothman * Allison Benis White * Sherraine Williams


Joseph Lapin * Carol D. Marsh * LaTanya McQueen * Jen Palmares Meadows * Donley Watt


Curtin Bauer translating three prose pieces by Fabio Morábito * Katie Farris & Ilya Kaminsky translating two poems by Polina Barskova and “Last Toast” by Anna Akhmatova * Maria Jastrzebska translating three poems by Justyna Bargielska * Maija Mäkinen translating excerpt of Pelon maantiede (“Geography of Fear”) by Anja Snellman * Danusia Stok translating “I Loved, When She Departed” by Anna Augustyniak


Francisco Aragón on Pivotal Voices, Era of Transition: Towards a 21st Century Poetics by Rigoberto González