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Fighting to protect his wife from the hordes of undead, Dave Pulaski discovers the truth behind the contagion.

“Steven Ramirez has driven a stake into the brain of this genre and created something new that is definitely worth the effort, and demands a read from fans of zombie fiction.” — Self-Publishing Review

Dead Is All You Get is cunningly plotted, and the author uses suspense to deepen the quality of horror as he creates scenes that make the reader feel like something could go wrong at any moment.” — Readers’ Favorite

“With Dead Is All You Get, it’s clear that Ramirez knows his readers will already be familiar with the world he’s created, so he’s able to really put the pedal to the metal, increasing the scope, tension, and drama of this story, and making for a read that is unputdownable.” — The Bookbag

It wasn’t over. Not even close.

After months of fighting the hordes of undead ravaging the town of Tres Marias, Dave Pulaski and his wife, Holly, catch a break when Black Dragon Security suddenly shows up to rescue them. But things are about to get worse. The virus is mutating, and the infected are getting smarter. Then, while struggling to protect Holly and those closest to him, Dave discovers the truth behind the contagion—a revelation that will drive him past the limits of faith and reason.

Dead Is All You Get combines the best elements of horror, sci-fi, and apocalyptic fiction. It takes the reader on a relentless, tortured journey of survival that tests the strength of one man’s character and delves into the role faith plays when one is confronted by the worst kind of evil—the evil in humans.

For fans of Peter Meredith, Harley Tate, and Jack Hunt.