When your worst moments define you...but the only way to win is to become what you most fear

Your worst moments define you. If you let them.

Two weeks after Rowan Gilmore's life exploded into chaos, she is in Brisbane, Australia, hunting down Michael Eisen and the Mors Ferrum.

With her mother, Anna, still in Eisen's hands, Rowan is forced to continue working with Maeve and Logan Freyson - even though they betrayed her. And once the Freysons and Eisen finally discover what the ocair is, both sides want to use Rowan as a weapon in the thousand-year-old war between the sidhe and humans.

She just wants Anna back.

But to free Anna and protect the sidhe, Rowan has to overcome Eisen and his pet Dark sidhe.To do that, she must release the shadows of her father's memories, locked deep in her mind.

With her father unleashed, she's an unstoppable destructive force that could save Anna and the sidhe.

But releasing him could also destroy everyone she loves and set the world on fire.

To save what she loves, Rowan will have to become the monster she most fears. But who will she be, then?