The story of one man's journey through addiction recovery

2% to 10% AA government based programs succeed. Private rehabs that offer medical detox have a success rate of 70%. The success rate increases immensely with the use of sauna programs because the physical craving is removed as the toxins leave the body and counseling/therapy removes the mental cravings for the habit while they are in the Rehab Centre as they are working on a complete lifestyle changes in their recovery. Why is that? I believe it’s because drug rehab is only a beginning. The ongoing love and support from the outside world will make the difference between an addict successfully continuing recovering or re-entering that dark world of insanity.



"Addiction is a lifetime battle, but love and support is an unconditional lifetime commitment. Inspire your miracle which lies within. In a perfect world everyone with a loved one suffering addiction would have the knowledge and understanding that exudes from Ally's soul. 

I am going to be promoting this book, A Testimonial of Insanity, to every rehabilitation centre I have in my database. I do this with respect and my belief that this book will touch the lives of everyone that has the privilege of reading it.

Thank you Ally, it is a blessing to have such a gifted author's work out there for everyone to read.”

Brenda Herzog
Addiction Rehab Placement Specialist