Men and women from every walk of life: top executives, CEOs, blue collar, white collar, and even no collar workers; all know that if they had their lives to live over again, they would achieve far more than they currently have achieved. They would attain more wealth, more education, more happiness, more peace, more love, more of their heart's desires. This is evidenced all over the entire globe. From the billionaires to the bankrupt, there is always a collective awareness of having only scraped the surface of life's infinite potential.

The message of greatness and self-empowerment is genderless, ageless and even colorless, because deep within every one of us there lies "more of us," the ever-flowing fountain of untapped potential. No matter how much we have done or have not done, we know there is always more we can be or achieve. If you are serious about your life, your dreams, your health, and your wealth, it is time for you to ask yourself, "Am I really ready to awaken 'the me' that has been dormant?" If your answer is yes, this book is for you and the throngs of other people on the planet who feel exactly the same way.

Perhaps you have the externals of your life all together: the fancy car, elegant home, and lots of money to spare. However, you undergo constant stress, with little or no inner peace. Or you may feel like no matter how hard you try, you can't experience harmonious, healthy interactions with your friends, co-workers, or family members. Perhaps the love of your life has not yet made his or her way into your heart. And you slip in and out of moments of sadness, or feeling alone and incomplete. My father, Les Brown, teaches that you don't get in life what you want; you get in life what you are. Everything that is non-existent, existing, or ill existing is a direct reflection of you. We frequently look outside of the self and chase fix after fix; if only I had a steamy romance, a fabulous outfit, an exciting trip, a high-powered job with a nicer office, then everything would be just great. Even after acquiring many of the most desired trinkets from our ever-changing wish list, we still end up with the same feeling of not having enough.

Don't get me wrong, it's good and healthy to strive for whatever our heart desires. However, this should not happen from a foundation of hidden, disguised, or undetected pain. When our identity is stained with a belief of being inadequate, we will unconsciously seek out delusional remedies that we think we need. Instead, let us strive for true fulfillment out of a sense of wanting to be our best. Reach beyond treating only the symptoms of your pain or unhappiness. Commit yourself to a more holistic approach. Treat the cause from the root up! Guess where the root is? It lies within you. We live in a society that numbs the pain, but rarely heals the source from whence the pain came. It's time to turn away from the TV and the movie screen and begin to invest more time in the mirror to behold the real star in your life. You! Take your Time I must caution you, this journey of getting a new lease on life requires more commitment and dedication than you have ever given to yourself before. Transformation takes time, for some longer than others. Most people miss their discovery of greatness because they are seeking immediate results. They are conditioned to want everything yesterday! A lot of this conditioning comes from the faster-is-better era in which we live, the microwave mentality which has us tapping our feet impatiently in front of the microwave, frustrated with the drive-thru window for taking two minutes too long & jockeying for a better position at the stoplight. In our eagerness for more speed, everything and everyone around us can seem to be slowing.... 

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