What would you do if you were paralysed after a virus and only able to think and blink?

'Survived' is a story of survival from not only a physical place, but a mental one.

Dr Pamela Dunn was a vibrant, healthy, successful chiropractor before the events that led to her fateful diagnosis that would change her life forever. 

She was diagnosed with a rare, autoimmune disorder called Guillain Barre Syndrome. GBS is where the nervous system is attacked by the immune system. Her case was classified as severe, which left her in a complete state of paralysis; complicated by respiratory failure. She was unable to move at all from the neck down; she was also unable to speak, and unable to breathe on her own. All she could do was 'think and blink'. 

In this inspirational memoir, the author takes you on a heartfelt journey into her thoughts and feelings while she was lying there for months in the Intensive Care Unit as if in solitary confinement of her own body. As the doctor becomes the patient, Dr Pam shares authentically what she endured when close to death and the life lessons she's taken from it.  

The resilience and true essence of the human spirit is shown throughout the chapters. With the selfless support of her family and friends, this story shows that the combination of inner strength, determination, patience and love can conquer the most tragic of experiences, one millimetre at a time