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A practical workbook to help you move into a life of joy, connection, and personal power.

Nearly every self-development and spiritually-enlightened person says the first step to improving your life and experiencing happiness is to stop complaining and to start taking personal responsibility, but they stop short at the part about how to do it. NO COMPLAINTS: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy is the go to workbook for anyone who believes they’re too negative and are ready to change but don’t know where to start. The book will help you recognize why certain situations are emotionally charged and make decisions about how to handle them. The ultimate goal is to move from feeling stuck to taking action by giving you the tools to engage in difficult conversations and navigate change.

The goal of Going "NoCo" is to move away from unhealthy complaining
and toward resolving the issues in your world”

NO COMPLAINTS contains prompts that will guide readers through the process of breaking the complaining habit. It follows a well-established system for transforming habits, broken into sections: Awareness, Interruption, Replacement.

Key concepts include:

  • The difference between complaining and problem-solving
  • Understanding the emotions and patterns that underlie unconscious and habitual complaints
  • Identifying the challenges that make it hard to keep the NoCo resolution
  • Learning internal and external tools to interrupt the patterns of complaining
  • Going NoCo is a practice, not a one-time magic pill


NO COMPLAINTS emerged out of years of reading, conversations, and trainings, all of which drew on a wide variety of fields. The content has been tested, tweaked, and refined through workshops, provocative questions, and illuminating conversations. With NO COMPLAINTS: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy you will learn habits that will make you more resilient when difficulties arise.