Gem,a young woman,surrounded by death,a bad marriage, is bent, not broken & her past and future reconcile.

Gem is mourning her grandmother and baby boy, losing one to cancer and the baby by the hands of her abusive husband. She was raised by her grandmother when her hippie mother abandoned her; she never knew her father. Gem's only desire is to love and be loved. Her best friend, Carolyn from high school, has comforted her through these tragedies. As well as her deceased grandmother, whom Gem feels is still with her, making her laugh, Gem struggles to begin her life, again. Landing a new job, she bonds with a special needs child. After a terrorist attack occurs, she loses another chance at happiness. Bent but not broken, she recovers to discover a genuine love and strength within herself. As long kept secrets about her grandmother are revealed, Gem finds her place, and a family. Her past and her future become reconciled, in heaven and earth.