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A children's story about an adventurous kangaroo rat.

Against his mother's wishes, Tiny, an adventurous kangaroo rat, ventures out into the heated desert, encountering the dangers of predators, and wishes he'd listened to his mother's warnings after all.

About the author:

I have always had a passion for writing from the time I was younger and editor of the school paper, through college, and into adulthood. I have written over 20 novels (roughly one million two hundred words) from juvenile fiction to inspirational romance. My journey started as a scientist/geneticist, and I graduated top in my class, Magna Cum Laude in three years. I loved science, but deep down, I missed writing. I had to find a way to fill that void.

I wrote Tiny Learns to Listen and Little Frog, which are both science-based inspirational stories for young children. I wanted to help children love both science and reading. I also co-wrote MerMountain and Surviving Monster Middle with my daughter Abigail. These books are more advanced school-level books for children. I ventured into inspirational romance after seeing so many of my friends struggle with love due to hurdles in their lives (cancer, parenting, weight, and disabilities). I believe that everyone can find love. So often in this world, we lose the hope that love is out there for us and the right person is waiting.