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A children's story following Hallie, who is sprinkled with coral dust and becomes a mermaid.

Swept overboard during a storm at sea, Hallie is sprinkled with coral dust by a mermaid princess. Her adventure begins when she, herself, becomes a mermaid and begins her journey searching for her family while swimming with dolphins, evading the jaws of sharks, and discovering the underwater mysterious realm of the sea.

About the author:

I have always had a passion for writing from the time I was younger and editor of the school paper, through college, and into adulthood. I have written over 20 novels (roughly one million two hundred words) from juvenile fiction to inspirational romance. My journey started as a scientist/geneticist, and I graduated top in my class, Magna Cum Laude in three years. I loved science, but deep down, I missed writing. I had to find a way to fill that void.

I wrote Tiny Learns to Listen and Little Frog, which are both science-based inspirational stories for young children. I wanted to help children love both science and reading. I also co-wrote MerMountain and Surviving Monster Middle with my daughter Abigail. These books are more advanced school-level books for children. I ventured into inspirational romance after seeing so many of my friends struggle with love due to hurdles in their lives (cancer, parenting, weight, and disabilities). I believe that everyone can find love. So often in this world, we lose the hope that love is out there for us and the right person is waiting.