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Book 2 of the Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery Series

Lindsay Harris, a mother who works as a legal secretary/assistant, is headed for trouble when her twin daughters, Emily and Ellen, acquire a baby-sitting job for a mysterious single dad for two small children. With the encouragement of her daughters and her friends, Jed and Marnie, she jumps knee deep into the problem of trying to prove the mysterious single dad innocent of killing his two children. Because her need to snoop into mysteries that need answers has spread to others, meaning her family and friends, Lindsay has now proven that snooping can be contagious.

About the author:

Linda Hudson Hoagland has won acclaim for her 13 mystery novels that include the recent Onward & Upward, Missing Sammy, and Snooping Can Helpful – Sometimes.  She is also the author of 8 works of nonfiction, 2 collections of short writings, along with 2 volumes of poems.  Her work has appeared in many anthologies. Hoagland taught creative writing classes for the College for Older Adults on the Virginia Highlands Community Campus at the Higher Ed Center in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Linda Hudson Hoagland is former President of the Appalachian Authors Guild (2015) and is currently a member of the Advisory Board for the Humanities – Bluefield State College.