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15 years ago, child star Kitty Holbrooke was murdered. Today, those closest to her are under suspicion.

Fifteen years ago, Kitty Holbrooke was set to be the greatest child star since Shirley Temple. Days after completing her debut film, the young girl was kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night. The next day, a rambling ransom note appeared in the family's mailbox, but as the family scrambled to gather the money, police discovered Kitty's body. Due to the media circus surrounding the case, changing testimony from key witnesses, and police missteps, lead detective Andrea Bennett was never able to bring Kitty's killer to justice, and the case that rocked a nation went cold. Today, an online tabloid has uncovered Kitty Holbrooke's shocking case files including never-before-seen police interviews, confidential emails, secret text messages, and sealed grand jury transcripts. The Internet explodes as fans devour and comment on each piece of new evidence, desperately hoping that they, too, can help solve the mystery. Loosely inspired by the JonBenet Ramsey case, this unique, thrilling mystery is told through police transcripts and documents and will keep readers guessing until the very end.

5 Stars! This is a gripping page-turner that will have readers furiously reading from one page to the next, unable to stop. M.C. Hall has crafted a story that reconstructs strong dialogues, media clippings, interviews, letters, and transcripts from a murder case, a story that explores murder in a style I have never seen before. The narrative voice is strong and compelling and the characters are wonderfully developed. I enjoyed the way the author brings the internet into the story, capturing the different attitudes readers have towards sensational stories. Smothered is swiftly paced and it has many unexpected turns, with red herrings that will have readers utterly captivated. This story is a compelling offering in the genre of mystery and crime. It's a great read, indeed. 

~ Romuald Dzemo

5 Stars! Smothered kept me reading and guessing until the very last pages revealed what actually happened the final night of Kitty's life and I was truly surprised. M.C. Hall has taken a simply fictional murder mystery and put a new slant on it by telling the story in a way that made me feel as though I was in the courtroom and deciding the case. The characters were all so believable and well portrayed. Smothered could be a story that was taken right out of the news and it was sometimes hard to remember it was fiction and these were not real people. I truly became part of the plot and highly recommend it to all who enjoy a good mystery thriller. I would love to see Smothered as a courtroom movie as it has all the makings of a hit.

~  Trudi LoPreto