Eighteen awesome stories. Several genres. Halleys comet touches lives over 2500 years of Earth's history.

These 18 stories span two thousand years of Earth's history and half a dozen different genres. All with a common thread: Halley's Comet. Dive into ancient Greece and Babylon, into Anglo-Saxon Ireland and Viking-era France. Indulge in tales of Genghis Khan, medieval Japan, regency-era England steampunk, alternate universes, and modern-day technology. From science fiction, to romance, to historical fiction and fantasy, there's something every reader will enjoy. Trace the comet's influence on lives, loves and families throughout the ages.
Authors: Megan Badger, Aiki Flinthart, Ted Johnson, DA Kelly, Lynne Lumsden Green, Caitlin McPherson, Belinda Messer, Susan Ruth, Jo Seysner, Melanie Sienkiewicz, Jo-Ann Sparrow, Georgia Willis.