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Book two of the Madison McKenzie Files Series.

Madison helps Rick investigate a missing hiker. She has visions while alone with a corpse, and fear of her budding psychic ability causes secrecy. After Sheriff Perry’s injury, Cold Creek votes Madison as their sheriff. She demonstrates a knack for the job, exposing her to dangers beyond imagination, and jealousy becomes her newest challenge.

About the author:

Bev Freeman was born in Virginia and lived in the Appalachians until her teens. Her family relocated to Florida where she graduated high school, married a Floridian, and raised a son. In 1993, with shattered dreams, she returned to Appalachia. She married a local, God-fearing man in 1996, and life is beautiful in Tennessee, with two spirited grandsons living close by. A member of The Lost State Writers Guild, she enjoys a large audience on Facebook.