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How could Sadie have lived so long in this town without knowing it was harboring a very old secret? The dark side of the woods was a place she walked by nearly every single day and it seemed perfectly normal. But one day, she realized that nothing that walked in there walked back out. 

Curses and wolves are somehow entangled in Sadie's new romance, and a gruesome transformation threatens to change everything she has ever known. She's the only one who can save her town, her love, and herself. It has to end where it started, in the center of the forest.

About the author:

Willie E. Dalton is 28 years old and has been writing since she was 13. She is happily married and has a 7 year-old daughter named Alafair. She lives with her family in Duffield, Virginia on top of a beautiful mountain surrounded by trees, with their two cats Grayson and Munchkin. You can follow Willie’s blog at, or find her on Facebook at