A compilation of material Bryan Christopher has trans-channeled throughout his life.

Being Light: A Guide to Living in Multidimensional Realities is a compilation of material Bryan Christopher has trans-channeled throughout his life. The main purpose of the book is to reveal and affirm our origin as light beings and explain each step of our soul and spirit journeys into the bodies we occupy and then transcend at death, providing a better perspective on why we know things beyond what we have been told or programmed to think, such as why we can sense a soul mate or a personal destiny. The book also seeks to clarify how light energy is a repository of information for humankind and how we can trans-channel it to guide our lives. Trans-channeling is the act of using the light energy flowing through us as information; when trans-channeling, we bypass the brain and become immediately linked to our spirits for guidance.

Another purpose of this book is to demonstrate that human beings possess greater power to make choices in their lives than we may have previously realized. Sections explain how, as light beings, we choose our own realities long before progressing into human form. In effect, we write our parts into our own scripts coming in, and during our lives we play these parts to the best of our ability, making decisions guided by our spirits in much the same way that actors are guided by directors to achieve their best performances.

This book is also a useful guide for understanding our transformation from light energy to form to formlessness, as well as the types of choices our spirits choreograph for us along the way. Such choices and how they play out in physical reality make us unique and give us accountability. Accountability involves accepting responsibility for our lives knowing we chose our bodies, our parents, and our birth circumstances. Realizing that we made these choices can initiate an enormous shift in consciousness, further improving our decision making.

Ultimately, Being Light is a guide for living in the multidimensional realities of light and body, and thus living in the most beneficial way possible. Each of us originates from the same source of light energy, and thus we can all trans-channel light energy to obtain information for beneficial use in our daily lives, although some people, like myself, tap into it more readily and comprehensively than others.