Search for the True Aphrodisiac
Timothy Leary

Throughout the ages, intelligent, affluent, ambitious, and just plain hot-to-trot humans have sought out aphrodisiacs -- everything from rhino horns to green M&Ms. Here, Timothy Leary argues that the true aphrodisiac is the mind. By knowing how to stimulate the most sensitive organ of all, the brain, readers can enrich their sex lives beyond their wildest dreams. Leary begins by telling his own coming-of-sexual-age story in typically witty fashion, then goes on to explore humanity's obsession with physical pleasure, digital activation of the erotic brain, and the fascination with cybersex. He explains how phones and computers allow perfect strangers to achieve amazing levels of intimacy and why telecommunicated sexual messages are now a standard courting technique for young people in industrial-urban societies. Ruminating on everything from sexual liberation to electronic foreplay, Leary offers a persuasive explanation of why the key to arousal is all in your head.