Winner of Best Inspiration/Self-Help/Spiritual book in the 2019 San Diego Book Awards.

"…a moving, beautiful piece of work and I can't wait to go back and read it again!" — Juliette Sobanet, bestselling author

"Shawna Allard took a courageous step authoring this book. Once you have completed reading it, you will know her as well as any sister or best friend. Shawna steps us through her personal spiritual journey and gives us the tools and encouragement necessary to take the necessary steps on our own."   — LibraryThing Early Reviewers' Program

"…an insightful and thought provoking read that will make readers aware of the need to find their own unique path to spiritual awakening…it guides readers to take an inner journey, discover themselves, and connect with their higher self…" — Readers' Favorite