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Evil never sleeps.

Ash Falls is the city your mother didn't know to warn you about. Supernatural creatures run the underworld. Spirits stalk the streets. Dark magic kills more people than firearms.

Located beneath a mysterious evil vortex that first peoples flatly referred to as “the hole in the sky,” Ash Falls remains off-the-map as far as most modern earth-dwellers are concerned. But for those unfortunate souls who have found themselves pulled in by its dark forces, Ash Falls is not only home, it’s a living nightmare where evil never sleeps.

This introduction to the lavish Ash Falls StoryVerse™,contains the following stories:

Inheritance, Episode 1: Sacrifice, by Jeremy C. Schofield

The Perpetuals, Episode 1: Ammit's Den, by K. Edwin Fritz

The Fallen, Episode 1: The Grey World, by Steve Cotterill

Reborn, Episode 1: Death, by Corinne Kunz

Felix North, Episode 1: Key to the City, by D.C. Golightly

Walk in the Shadows (short fiction), by Jeremy C. Schofield

Rodolfo's Pizzeria (short fiction), by Joe Mankowski