“[The Glamshack] fits together like a beautiful puzzle without losing any sense of urgent personal anguish.”

— B&N Reads 10 Debut Novels for Your Autumn (2017) Reading List 

“There is a powerful, innate tension in his writing which comes not only from his voice but from his
particular way of looking at things, an unusual way, and in art—in fiction—the only real worlds
are likely to be the unusual.”

James Salter

“There is so much to admire in Paul Cohen’s beauty of a first book. It is smart, sexy, wonder-filled,
haunting and oh so marvelously, so humanly strange. Here even meat (venison) can be graceful.
Here the heart grows hot, the soul burns dark and Desire blows a thousand horns.”

Laird Hunt, author of The Evening Road

“Funny, intense and brilliant, this is a book about love but also about the self’s ability to with-
stand love. Every sentence is poetic, magnetized, in love with life. The language in this book cuts
so close to the heart of experience that it feels very much like life itself—sacred, invincible,
beautiful, full of meaning.”

Rebecca Lee, author of Bobcat and Other Stories

“Paul Cohen’s The Glamshack cuts to the quandary we all endure: the burden of desire. With a
voice distinct and resonating, Cohen cast a sober eye on life and longing, love and failure. He
personalizes a universal plight and casts a searing spotlight on the fact that we are all uniquely
un-unique—that, in the end, we all share the same fate.”

Douglas Light, author of Where Night Stops

The Glamshack is “that rare, uncategorizable novel that . . . serves as a reminder of how very familiar and commonly un-daring contemporary fiction is in general.”

Josh Kendall, Executive Editor, Little Brown, from his letter nominating The Glamshack for a Pushcart Press Editor’s Book Award

“In his debut novel, Cohen manages the impressive feat of memorably documenting obsession with-
out surrendering to it.”

Kirkus Reviews (full review: Kirkus Reviews)

“An inventive and intense debut.”

Largehearted Boy Book Notes (click to read)

“Cohen is creating new language, finding surprising combinations that are both familiar and wonder-inducing.”

Heavy Feather Review (full review: Heavy Feather Review)

“[With] Joycean vivacity . . . Cohen takes readers on the deepest of dives into the psyche and imagination of a man who is so full of passion that it threatens to swallow him whole.”

Boulder Daily Camera (full review: Boulder Daily Camera)

“With sparse, languorous sentences that nonetheless hold a masterful deep-seated tension throughout, The Glamshack is a look into the interior landscape of a man on the edge of self-discovery, and, even larger, it chronicles the ubiquitous nature of us all.”

Shelfstalker (full review: Shelf Stalker)