Dutch Way in Education: Teach, Learn and Lead the Dutch Way
Alma Harris

'The Dutch Way' is about teaching, learning and leading like the Dutch do.
Why is that a good idea? Well, because the Dutch do well in Pisa rankings,
they top almost every chart on children's well-being and have a highperforming
system with a good balance between excellence and equity.
And these are just a few of the aspects that indicate that the Dutch society
and its education are worth exploring. The Netherlands is a hidden gem, as
professor Alma Harris stated.

It's is not an uncritical celebration of all achievements of the education
system in the Netherlands. Instead, it is a thoughtful, empirically-informed,
reflective narrative compiled by those best placed to comment upon what
has been and what still is to be achieved within the Dutch educational

This book gives you an opportunity to look at the nuances of this unique
educational system and learn more about the key elements that strongly
characterize our teaching, learning and leading practice. The Dutch Way will
provide you food for thought to reflect upon your own context and culture
from a Dutch perspective. And hopefully inspire you to teach, learn and lead
the Dutch way.