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An empowering story of a woman who saves herself.

Sam Tilson is a struggling showgirl who's always relied on her womanly charm and sex appeal to survive. Swept off her feet by a Spanish stud, she thinks she's finally met the man who will save her. It's not until she's under gunfire and running from the law that she realizes, only she can save herself.

About the author:

Jenn Sadai’s goal as an author is to use her life experiences to empower women. Her first book, Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman delves into the consequences of domestic violence, drug use, and depression. Her second book, Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee, follows Jenn’s crooked career path and the obstacles she overcame while discovering her true calling.

Cottage Cheese Thighs is the third book in her“Self-esteem Series.” It dissects and rejects society's perception of how a woman should look while teaching the reader how to love their own body. Most recently, she's started a fictional series that begins with Her Own Hero, an empowering story of a woman who saves herself.