"…a perfect mesh between Doctor Who and Harry Potter…"   — Doctor Who Online
"An enjoyable YA fantasy that takes you on a magical journey."   — Angelique S. Anderson, Award-winning author
"…a Middle Age fantasy fix for the mind, and readers will find no issue immersing themselves in this amazing tale which seems destined to become a classic…THE RITE OF WANDS is a reader’s dream novel that will definitely leave one wanting more—much, much more."   — JB Richards, author of Miriamne the Magdala
"…an excellent book that will captivate readers from beginning to end with its twisty-turny plot and thrilling narrative…"   — The Red Headed Book Lover
"A powerful perspective with alternating points of view, this book is richly layered with mystery, intrigue, murder and deceit. It’s impossible to know who to trust in this fast-paced YA fantasy adventure. Author Mackenzie Flohr’s fanciful world of magic and monarchs offers a magnificent tale that brilliantly unfolds in this lovely coming of age adventure."   — Children's Literary Classics (Gold Medal Winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy, 2018)