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The poverty of our senses, both physical and spiritual, is in ourselves, not our surroundings. No matter where you call home, the heavens by night or day are as beautiful over your home as another. The lifestyle that we become immersed in decay our senses and cheat us of many treasures beyond price. The author takes the reader into the love of nature and God's Word and showing there are always new discoveries on every path. The reader will be immersed in their senses being delighted or sharpened.

About the author:

My passion and love of gardening and note keeping over the years is the basis of this study. I have learned from others and through trial and error. We must pass along not only those wonderful plants, but also our knowledge for future gardeners and farmers. If you are a gardener, you know that an afternoon could easily slip by in conversation about a rose or new veggie that you have discovered. Take time to share and pass along! Email