Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job
Cammie Dunaway and Foreword by Pat Wadors Moe Carrick

Useful advice, tools, and exercises help you find the job you’ll love at any stage in your career

  • A how-to book offering useful tools and exercises to help you evaluate the fit between your needs and the culture of your current or prospective employer
  • Learn how to maximize the five essential elements that matter most – job, relationship, culture, lifestyle, money, and meaning
  • Based on unique primary research and real-world examples drawn from first-hand interviews

Fit Matters offers hope, inspiration, and practical tools for finding joy, meaning, and engagement at work. — DANIEL PINK, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

This practical guide for job hunters or employees at any career stage offers useful advice, tools, and exercises to help you find the job you’ll love.

How can you discover a job that really matches your needs? A job that provides meaning to your life? Fit Matters shows you how.

Odds are that you want to bring your best self to work. You want a job that feeds your spirit, your mind, and your heart. Fit matters – it's crucial if you're to perform at your best.

Thought-provoking and practical, the book offers tools and exercises designed to help you evaluate the fit between your needs and the culture of your current or prospective employer, assess and articulate what you really need to thrive at work, and develop options if you find yourself in a company or job where you are misfit.

You'll learn that self-knowledge, combined with an understanding of six elements of work fit, will help you make decisions that will lead to better job satisfaction and improved performance over the entire course of your career.

MOE CARRICK is Principal/Founder of Moementum, a Certified BCorp and consulting firm. Her client portfolio includes REI, Prudential Financial, Nike, The Nature Conservancy, Nintendo, and others.

CAMMIE DUNAWAY is a global chief marketing officer, brand consultant, and board member. She recently served as U.S. President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania. Previously she was Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo and Chief Marketing Officer at Yahoo!