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How could a small child’s pleading to his friends, “Wait for me boys,” become one of the most important requests of a lifetime? How could a promise to a parent become a life-shaping focal point, which seemed to be an unachievable ambition? How could religion be both a blessing and an insensitive malediction? Wait For Me, Boys! Wait For Me! settles these and many other uncertainties we all may have faced throughout our lives, while revealing a noticeable connection of life’s events and purpose.His story allows the reader to realize that we truly are the ones who lived life to the fullest. His book is exceptionally rewarding.”

About the author:

Craig was raised in Cleveland, Virginia. He earned multiple degrees in the field of physical geography and completed his doctoral degree at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He has a son, Noah, of Bristol, Virginia and a daughter, Farah Monday Ashbrook Scruggs, of Clemmons, North Carolina. He makes his home in Bristol, Virginia with his wife, Myra.