To restore global health we must turn our attention downwards to the Underworld

Looking at today’s culture through the lens of mythology we see a split between heaven and earth. For millennia humanity strove for intellectual ascent but now, Bennett, a practicing psychotherapist, believes that in order to restore global health we must turn our attention downwards: to the Underworld:

• Each Archetype of the Underworld is a consciousness of our physical bodies, our material substance and the Earth.

• Heaven and hell represent the polarized intellect and body. The darkness of the underworld symbolizes its obscurity to intellect when opposed.

• Intellect’s repudiation of the physical realm causes unconscious worship of the Great Mother in her dark aspect.

• The mythological stories of journeys through hades were written as guides to those in recovery from trauma or addiction: people who were “going through hell”.

• The meanings of the myths will only come to us through intuition: “Allow the stories, pictures and images to sit with you and speak to you, to spark your own connections and open doors for you in unexpected meaningful ways.”