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Relationships Done Easy: Creating Delicious Possibilities
Kathy Williams

What if stellar relationships were easy? Would your life be different?

Discover the easy in relationships in this collection of stories designed to awaken your inner knowing about relationships on your terms. 

Discover the easy in your relationship with authors Sarah Grandinetti, Kathy Williams, Bret Rushia, Alison Cox, Dr. Sarah Brotsky, Jennifer Cramer Lewis, Kass Thomas, Donna Hall-Hildebrand, Sadie Lake, Yuryra Guzman, Julie Tuton, Julie Sotas, Rhonda Burns, Danna Lewis, Hanna and Joakim Valdevi, Betsy McLoughlin, Christine McIver, Cassy Summers, Marina McQueen, Reid Garcia, and Alun Jones.

Have you been waiting for your prince, your king, or just a good man? Have you dated (or married) princes only to find out they were frogs? Or do you have a good man, or woman, and would like to make your relationship even better? Have you always known that something different should be possible - something different than what you've seen and relationship ever before? Join these authors on a journey to your own knowing