Groundswell is beautifully illustrated to give you a way forward with expert and Indigenous wisdom.

Indigenous wisdom and a moral revolution can be instrumental in saving the planet as we know it. This augmented book is a collection of Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors who articulate a way forward.

Addressing the human condition and providing new, yet ancient wisdom that can challenge us to consider a gifting economy, provide insights into sustainable agriculture, define parallel paths which can enrich diverse cultures and give direction on how we can change. Authors tap into religious and spiritual perspectives, explore the wisdom of youth to draw our attention to their real concerns, and give us a path to follow toward a nature based philosophy. These collective writings give you a chance to contemplate and formulate your own direction. Thus arriving at a moral revolution that can produce a groundswell toward a diverse society based on human rights, Indigenous rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.

The book honors art and esthetics and is available as a paperback and electronically as an e-book.  We invite you to read, contemplate, and join in moral action to mitigate climate change. To access additional video content visit: envisionthebigpicture.com