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Forgotten Beatitude: Worshiping Through...
William Powell Tuck

Stewardship is one of the essential means the church utilizes to roll up its sleeves and engage in the ministry it is challenged to do. -- William Powell Tuck

Jesus said in His sermon on the mountain, "Blessed are ..." (Matthew 5:1-12)

James said, Faith without works is dead. (James 2:14-26)

Dr. Bill Tuck shares his heart and his teachings on stewardship that will bring the reader into a greater appreciation of how God wants to use our time, talent and finances to build His Church as well as draw us into a deeper relationship with Him. You will find each chapter begins with a scriptural notation that will lend itself to further study and meditation on God's Word. May we be found to not only be reader of God's Word, but also doers of His Word.