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Irresistible Consultant S Guide to Winning...
David A Fields

The reality of independent consulting doesn't match the dream. But it can. Independent consultants are always six months away from bankruptcy. Their new business engine sputters along unreliably. But David Fields, a multi-million- dollar, independent consultant who has helped other consultants worldwide build their practices, has put together a proven path to consistently winning business. Specifically, David explains, step-by- step, an approach to winning consulting projects based upon clients' approach to buying. Sounds obvious, but most consultants fundamentally misunderstand what clients are looking for in a consultant. David recommends that rather than using hard-sell tactics that emphasizing deep expertise and differentiated processes, consultants shift their focus to building relationships, engendering trust and solving clients' existing problems. David brings decades of experience to his new book, The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients. His main premise behind the book teaches that, ultimately, consulting is a human profession and successful practitioners build rich relationships focused on their clients' needs and aspirations. David's book is highly approachable--an easy read packed with insights and peppered with lighthearted illustrations.