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The first book of the Madison McKenzie Files Series

Madison and her dog discover a skull along the Appalachian Trail. Emotions overflow as she sees the empty eye sockets looking up at her. Madison feels pity for the lost one’s life. She knows the feelings of abandonment, what it’s like to be thrown out like trash. She wants to be the voice of the skull. She silently asks, “Who put you in this lonely place? How did you die? And who are you?”

About the author:

Bev Freeman was born in Virginia and lived in the Appalachians until her teens. Her family relocated to Florida where she graduated high school, married a Floridian, and raised a son. In 1993, with shattered dreams, she returned to Appalachia. She married a local, God-fearing man in 1996, and life is beautiful in Tennessee, with two spirited grandsons living close by. A member of The Lost State Writers Guild, she enjoys a large audience on Facebook.