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A compilation of stories, sifting through the history of the Southern Appalachians.

Mountain Echoes is a compilation of stories, all results of a sifting through the history of Haywood County in Western North Carolina. Some are specific to the setting, while others capture the essence of most anywhere in the Southern Appalachians. Taming a wilderness and transforming it into a called home is a tough job that requires people of strength, foresight, ingenuity, and wisdom. The reader will meet some of them here. Look for beauty in the physical surroundings, joy in square dancing, and mountain music, humor in "Pulpit Crashers" and superstitions, compassion in "Mountain Girl," cruelty in "Captain Kirk," desperation in "Nance Dude," uniqueness in "Popcorn Sutton," and determination and pride everywhere.

About the author:

Edie Hutchins Burnette is a native of Canton, North Carolina and a descendent of pioneering families of Haywood County.  She is the widow of Charles R. Burnette and has one daughter, Alison (Ray) Frazier, and two grandchildren. She can be found on Facebook.