Hire a Vet! Find out why your business should and how it will benefit.

As a retired 30 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, author and Civil Affairs expert John Ubaldi  believes that America’s best days lie still ahead of us and that the key to reaching America’s true promise is to tap into her greatest overlooked natural resource; returning veterans.

If nothing tempers character like conflict, than who best would embody the qualities of unwavering integrity, stalwart dedication, untrammeled creativity and mutual cooperation, than those whose character has been tested to the utmost.  
Just as the GI’s of the greatest generation built up the rank and standing of this nation through their intrepid spirit after the Second World War, John predicts that this newer generation of warriors is poised to make an equal and historic contribution to the dream of America fulfilling her destiny as the beacon of hope and the shining city on the hill.

With veterans leading the way to greater clarity of national purpose and a deepened sense of individual and interpersonal contribution, the stage will be set for a renaissance of American values that will sweep the world, revolutionize this century and impact all that follows.