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Ezra must choose between fighting for his country or taking care of his family.

Set during World War I in southwest Virginia, Hiding Ezra is the story of a simple farmer, Ezra Teague, who is forced to choose between fighting for his country and taking care of his family. Like more than 175,000 other young men, Ezra chose his family—not because he was a coward or a pacifist, but because he was practical and because he felt his Christian faith called him to do so. Hiding Ezra is also a love story, as we see the girl of his dreams, Alma Newton, try to figure out how to extricate Ezra from his predicament. And finally, Hiding Ezra is the story of an adventure, a quest, and a chase, as the authorities—including local boy Lieutenant Andrew Nettles—try to bring Ezra to military justice.

About the author:

In addition to the novel Hiding Ezra, Rita Sims Quillen has published 6 books of poetry and prose. She was a semi-finalist for the 2012 Virginia Poet Laureate, and her most recent poetry book was a finalist for the prestigious Weatherford Award from Berea College.  Other awards and recognition include two Pushcart nominations, a Best of the Net nomination, and the Book of the Year award from the Appalachian Writers Association.