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Carrie struggles to save her daughter, her marriage, and her family.

Young girls of the Appalachian Mountains had their dreams, just like everyone else…simple dreams of marrying a good man, moving across the hill, and raising a family. Carrie Ranes had those dreams, and they included the handsome Tom Swank. When he asked her to be his bride, it seemed her dreams had come true, but Tom had a restlessness in him and a roving eye. The infamous Lily and notorious Loose Lizzie didn’t help matters, and even losing one eye in a foolhardy accident didn’t seem to slow him down. Tom wasn’t Carrie’s only concern, as diseases and illnesses were rampant in the
mountains, with few doctors and even fewer cures. Her marriage woes are pushed aside as she battles to save her dying daughter. Will Carrie’s dreams be shattered? Can she save her daughter, her marriage, her family?