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Norah's psychic abilities are unleashed when she meets Ryan Flynn, her rescuer from an ocean riptide.

Love-at-first-sight sparks memories of a past love, blindsiding 17-year-old Norah James after her move to Amelia Island, FL, from Toronto, Canada. Meeting Ryan Flynn, her rescuer from an ocean riptide—and the boyfriend of her new friend Ashley—unleashes her psychic abilities and prompts memories of a past life on the enchanting island. Norah’s nemesis from that life has also returned as Ashley’s brother, Elliot. An earthbound spirit, an ominous hurricane, and a missing child add to the complications of Norah and Ryan’s blossoming romance. Ultimately, Elliot’s violent actions lead to a life-threatening confrontation. Will the knowledge of the past lead to a different outcome this time around?