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I am well into Lynne Olson's captivating story of the group of men in the British government in the 1930s who had principle enough to put their careers at risk to challenge what they saw as the greatest risk, how woefully unprepared the conservatives under Baldwin and Chamberlain were to face the upcoming threat of war with Nazi Germany. History records Churchill's role he so famously filled, but Olson has researched the gallant group of young Conservatives that took the risk and prevailed. Olson leaves few, if any, details out of the writing and tells the tale in a way that brings excitement to the story. If you are a history buff this is a must read.

If you wonder if the story has any meaning today, there are large parts of the dominant political thinking of the time, especially social issues and economic issues that sound eerily similar to the dialogue from today's political ideologues.

I already know it will get a five star rating from me when I am finished.

I finished, and the five star rating applies