This is what got me hooked on spy novels as a teenager...

Why The Eagle Has Landed is in my "Books I've Enjoyed Reading" collection


I gravitated towards the crime fiction and spy novel genres because those were the sorts of books that were on the shelves at home. Both my parents and grandparents were voracious readers.


By the time I was twelve years old, I was running out of stuff to read – at that time, there wasn't anything around like The Hunger Games. My grandad lent me his copy of The Eagle Has Landed one rainy weekend when there was nothing to do and I was bored, and that was it – I was hooked! Here's the official blurb:


In November of 1943, an elite team of Nazi paratroopers descends on British soil with a diabolical goal: to abduct Winston Churchill and cripple the Allied war effort. The mission, ordered by Hitler himself and planned by Heinrich Himmler, is led by ace agent Kurt Steiner and aided on the ground by IRA gunman Liam Devlin.

As the deadly duo executes Hitler’s harrowing plot, only the quiet town of Studley Constable stands in their way. Its residents are the lone souls aware of the impending Nazi plan, and they must become the most unlikely of heroes as the fate of the war hangs in the balance.