Meet Liz Carlyle, a British counter terrorism agent at the top of her game

Why At Risk is in my Favourite First in Series collection: 


This first book in the series takes on the increasingly common issue of trying to locate a terrorist who is an “invisible” – one who is travelling under a British passport, and almost impossible to find.


Drawing on real life experience, and with a deft hand at storytelling, this series really hit the ground running with At Risk. What I most liked about this book is that it doesn’t use a big target to make you go “wow!” Instead, the terrorists’ target is much smaller and therefore more believable, and infinitely more chilling.


I was lucky enough to meet Stella Rimington at the Brisbane launch of book number seven in this series, The Geneva Trapas, through Sisters in Crime, my debut novel White Goldhad been picked by the launch team to open proceedings that night alongside two other writers.


I was delighted to meet Stella after the event and have a chat, as I inhaled every word of her autobiography, Open Secret, and – let’s face it – how often do you get the chance to meet the former Director General of MI5 and get a signed copy of her latest book?