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Whose Baby Is This? (Mills & Boon Cherish)
by Patricia Thayer

Fire burned bright in Tara MacNeal's eyes when she thrust her shocking news on Matt Landers: "You're my niece's father."

But the handsome doctor quickly doused her heated accusation with his firm denial of paternity - and delivered a shocker of his own. Though the birth certificate named him as father, another man was responsible! For a revengeful schemer had stolen Matt's identity…and now an innocent baby - and her beautiful guardian - were at risk.

To protect them, Matt kept "mother" and child within arm's reach…but his heart stayed miles away, where it was safe from the flickering warmth in Tara's touch. And though his name had been tarnished by an impostor, Matt would never trade his identity as "confirmed bachelor" for "husband and father"…would he?