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Wed To a Stranger?
by Jule McBride

HER HUSBAND HAD VANISHEDHe left no trace—except a pregnant bride. A year later, Fritzi Fitzgerald's search for him leads to a remote Alaskan village, and when a man carrying his ID is murdered, Fritzi stands accused.A STRANGER APPEAREDHe came from the snow-swept tundra—a swarthy denim-clad dream man with raven hair and eyes like the coats of white wolves shining in darkness. He claimed he was Fritzi's husband—and alibi.A STALKER WAS WATCHINGSharing a snowed-in cabin with her closemouthed rescuer, Fritzi sensed he was connected to her missing spouse. But when the lights went out and eyes followed her in the dark—would Nathan Lafarge protect her and her son?HIDDEN IDENTITY