Thrive in Your Healing Business: Do the Work You Love Without Sacrificing Yourself
by Heather Glidden

Thrive in Your Healing Business helps those who have a profession in the healing arts and facing healer burnout bring back the joy to their healing work.

A profession in the healing arts allows one to live their passion, but the rarely-spoken secret of healer life is that it often feels lonely and depleting. After a full day of giving to clients or patients, healers may come home feeling too exhausted to enjoy time with family or friends. Add to the mix the pressures of running a business, and one has the recipe for healer burnout. The good news is that there is another way. Heather L. Glidden, a healing arts practitioner and business owner for fifteen years, shows readers the techniques needed to balance a business in the healing arts with a healthy life. In Thrive in Your Healing Business, readers learn:

  • How to replenish their own energy
  • How to get even better results for their clients
  • How to hold healthier boundaries without having to say "no"
  • And Much More!

    Learn how to live a healthy and passionate life while doing the work of healing with Thrive in Your Healing Business.